Our Flavors



Charred Lemon Bitters – intense lemon rind – pair with dark/rich/smooth

Grapefruit Bitters – deep bitter bright tangy citrus – mix with light/botanical/fruity

Mulberry Bitters – VA Peychaud’s, tart berry – pair with spicy/citrusy

Virginia Signature Bitters – spiced dark and versatile – designed for Virginia Highland Malt made by Virginia Distillery Co.

Cider Bitters – gentle rich apple-y spice-y – pair simply with whiskey

Meritage Vermouth Bitters – potent herbal berry – pair with herbal/botanical/fruity

Vanilla Porter Bitters – dark malty vanilla earthy – mix with dry/citrusy/spiced


Out of Rotation

Lavender Bitters – floral vanilla citrus – pair with floral/sweet/vanilla/citrsy

Winter Spice Bitters – punchy pie spice – pair with heated/holidayish/smooth

Chipotle Chile Bitters – smoky berry hint of spice – pair with tequila/tropical/rye

Celery-Dandelion Bitters – medicinal savory herbal bitterness – mix with botanical

Coffee Bitters – intense spiced bitter drip coffee – mix with smooth/creamy/rich

Dark Chocolate Bitters – spiced spicy 90% cocoa bar – mix with smooth/creamy

Walnut Bitters – nutty smooth hints of sourdough – mix with spicy/dark/fruity

Smoked Orange Bitters – bitter smoke and citrus – mix with smooth/spicy/citrusy

Oolong Tea Bitters – herbal tannic powerful tea – pair with dark/smooth/fruity

Cherry Chestnut Bitters – gentle nutty berry spice-y – pair simply with dark smooth whiskey/rum